About PWM

Mission Statement:
Uniting together to spread love and laughter throughout the world of motherhood
All moms are warriors no matter the size of their battle. We hope to unit warrior moms from all walks of life to support each other, share with each other, encourage each other, inform each other, and of course laugh together. We hope that you will join us in spreading love, and laughter throughout the world of motherhood.

Meet Our Founders:
My name is Christy. My biggest mission in life is to know why the sky is blue. Once I cross that off my list, I want to end the Mommy Wars. Let's face it; they're pointless. It used to be that it took a village to raise a child. Now, it's every man for himself. Not only that, but every man is judging, criticizing, comparing, and pretending to be perfect....all for the sake of "winning" a mommy war. Who wins? No one. I write a blog, Worst Mother of the Year. I poke fun at myself and my mistakes usually. While so many other mom bloggers are painting their perfect life, perfect children, and perfect crafts, I'm all, "My life is hectic and unorganized, my children are jerks occasionally and my best craft is a macaroni necklace. My 5 year old actually gives me tips on how to make better crafts. I write this blog to make people laugh but also to let moms everywhere know that the other moms you see on Pinterest only tell half the story. If you say the other half, you wouldn't feel as bad about your parenting. At the end of the day, we are all pretty similar and the mommy wars aren't helping anyone to be better parents....just making us all feel bad. We need to support each other. We need to bring each other up. We need to lean on each other, laugh together, help each other, and most of all just accept that we are all different and most of us are WARRIORS! My hopes is that Project Warrior Mom makes this dream come true. And if someone can enlighten me on why the sky is blue, that would be great too. :)

Hi! I am Kimbra, the spunky, loud mouthed, sometimes filter less mom of 4 and author of the blog Mommy's Rambles
As a woman who has been a mom of many colors, Project Warrior Mom is a project which is extremely close to my heart.  I believe that all moms are Warriors, and though our battles may be different in many ways, we could all use a little support or encouragement along the way. Many times since beginning my own journey through motherhood I have felt defeated, deflated and alone. To have had the encouragement and support of other mothers would have meant a great deal to me. Because of this, I am beyond thrilled to be a part of building a community (a safe place) where moms can join together to support, and encourage each other through love, sharing, and laughter. It is my hope that through Project Warrior Mom, those  moms out there who may currently be struggling, or feeling deflated may find the encouragement, love and inspiration that they need to continue one and perhaps one day help another mom, as they themselves were helped.  In short my hope is for Project Warrior Mom to be a helping hand, a light in the darkness, and a comforting hug to all moms everywhere, and from every walk of life.  Kimbra's Warrior Story